Multimedia Projects

I did the graphic projection for a stage show called Far Far from Ypres which looked at WW1, mainly from a Scottish perspective, in songs, poetry, narrative and pictures. I had been keen to encourage the creation of a WW1 related show since the CD, Far, Far from Ypres by Greentrax Recordings, dropped through my letterbox. The opportunity arose when I volunteered to do projection during a concert to mark the 25th Anniversary of Greentrax Recordings. Ian Green, the man behind Greentrax, envisaged a simple projection of logos and a few CD sleeves. I took the idea further! In particular, I prepared slides for a three song section of the concert which featured songs from the Ypres project. That presentation led to an invitation to perform a full show at Celtic Connections in January 2012 and subsequently at the Edinburgh Festival in the summer of 2012.

The combination and music and graphics can be very powerful – add live performance and it takes it to another level. I do not see it as my job to tell people what to think, the aim is to set the mood and give them space to think.

I am now working on similar projects which aim to localise the presentation and to encourage people to look at the history of their own community.

Here is a rough draft of something I am working on for the village where I live. These were snapshots through glass of old photographs in a frame of ex pupils of Crosshouse School. I am currently encouraging these to be properly conserved and scanned. They have lasted almost 100 years but were close to being thrown away at one point, and could easily be lost or damaged. Some of these photographs are displaying obvious damage. I have not attempted to repair any of these as I may am waiting for better scans, so this is a work in progress.


I enjoy teaching and can offer courses or one to one tuition concentrating mainly on beginners or people wanting to improve their photography.

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