Wedding Photography

There is no doubt that photographers can spoil the moment during weddings and there is a balance between the need to record the shot and to enjoy the moment. Many people say that they don’t want photographs of their Wedding. With hindsight they may well find that they were wrong. It isn’t usually the photographs that they don’t want, it is the hassle of the photographer or the indignity of having a lens stuck in their faces. Most of us are little camera shy, myself included.
Erin and Paul's Wedding, Walking from the ceremony to the receptionThe most important thing at any special occasion is to enjoy the moment’, but as time passes you will probably discover that photographs allow you to remember and even relive those moments. Further down the line when children or grandchildren come along, my own experience tells me that they will be thrilled to see the old family photos. My aim would be to encourage the participants to concentrate on enjoying their day; my job is to capture the spirit of the event.

Wedding in Windermere

The McHardy WeddingGillian's WeddingAs with everything in life, there is a middle route. You may not want the full formal photography package, but relying on snaps from family and friends is not generally a safe option (and often is even more intrusive). The option that I offer is to document the event and capture some key moments. The main difference between a good photographer and a bad photographer is that a good photographer doesn’t show you their bad photographs. The job of a professional photographer is to make you look good and to capture the spirit of the subject.

My wedding photography to date has mostly been done for family friends with me being the ‘fly on the wall’. If you are looking for a more informal approach I might be the right person for you. If you are keen to also record some formal shots, I can do that or I can work alongside another photographer who you may commission for this work. I can also arrange another photographer to work with me for a ‘team approach’.
Erin & Paul's Wedding, group of friends after the ceremony

Erin & Paul